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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 14, 2015, 12:45 PM
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Welcome to Traditional-Media! Everyone is welcome to join! Please read our Rules and FAQ before submitting! And be sure to take part in our favhunt!

Monthly feature, december and january

Monthly features are when all of the admins go through what has been accepted in the past month and pick their favorite work. This can be a difficult task since there is so much lovely work pouring in daily! Since we didn`t have a feature last month, we are having a double feature now.

Please enjoy!

Melimaiel's choice : Laura Harbors The Voice Of Reason by artfixation
Laura Harbors The Voice Of Reason by artfixation is a beautifully executed artwork. The concept is simple, yet elegant. Full of emotion and grace. Overall a stunning piece.

Melimaiel`s choice: The colors of grey - The grey guy by Dam-B
The colors of grey by Dam-B is a captivating monocrome portrait, showing a great use of contrast and texture.  

Melimaiel`s choice: Three Eagles by ronmonroe
Three eagles by ronmonroe is a stunning stippling portrait. The amount of detail in this work i impressive. Probably one of the best native portraits I`ve ever seen.

bbfan77's choice: FREE ME ! by stonedsour887
Very nice depth and detail execution.

bbfan77`s choice: THE FALLEN (drawing - pastel) by b-Dedi
Brilliant emotion and subtle tones that still make good contrast.

bbfan77`s choice: Cherry Waltz II by ImrikDragon
Love the composition, it's both simple and complex. I'm no sculpture expert, but I really like this one.

Andy813`choice: Jackets by Skippy-s
Graphite piece proficient in detail and emotive in presentation. Vintage in authenticity, simultaneously and effectively symbolizing the power of love and unity through the brilliant tying together of denim sleeves.

Andy813`s choice: Grzybowski Plaza Warsaw by GreeGW
Exceptional use of perspective and depth, with very lovely and surreal effects in the water puddles. The warmth from such a picturesque scene radiates through the beauty and delicateness of the artist's style.

SKM-art`s choice: Eye Drawing by Names76
The intensity and expression all captured with just one eye is enthralling. It is exciting to see the emotions come through with the use of excellent shading and contrast. Well done!

SKM-art`s choice: Steampunk Landscape by GrimDreamArt
I can't stop staring at this steampunk landscape. The closer you look the more you find hidden and enchanting details.

SKM-art`s choice: Thranduil (drawing) by Quelchii
Texture, emotion, and excellent use of colour and mixed media. Yay!

Have a wonderful day.
Take care,

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